Jan 222006

The problem with the media today is that the major radio and TV stations are owned by a small group of companies with a definite conservative-corporatist bent.

Rush Limbaugh and all of his imitators on the radio and the FOX and MSNBC TV stations are salespeople and not really journalists. These individuals receive the talking points they're supposed to sell for the day from the Republican National Committee and they have no moral qualms about editing the documents or sound bites they present to their listeners.

Since Ryan Chapman's entire article in Wednesday's Collegian was borrowed from the Rush Limbaugh Web site, it can be deduced that Chapman desires to join this pantheon of Limbaugh clones. At least Chapman admits he doesn't have any evidence for his assertions — if only the other ditto heads were as honest.

Anyone who really cares about our country will take the time and do their own research on these matters only to find that most of what is said on these programs are half-truths or are completely fabricated.

The biggest lie perpetrated by this spin machine is that those people who disagree with our president hate our troops. Nearly 40 Iraq veterans are running for political office and only one is running as a Republican. Veterans on veteran-run Web sites give the president failing grades as commander-in-chief. Pretty soon Chapman and his ilk will claim even our troops don't support our troops.

Kenneth Serenyi

Second bachelor


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