Jan 222006

Bill O'Reilley, who Chapman obviously holds in high esteem, is one of the most conservative voices in America. Chapman applauds this, but condemns Letterman for being openly liberal on his talk show.

Furthermore, O'Reilley, in his "The Corruption of the American Youth" segment which aired in 2004, stated rap and hip hop music was the main contributor to the facts that many African Americans participate in violence, survive at the poverty line and lack the education of the average American. O'Reilley asserts that if blacks would all just pop in a Mozart or Beethoven CD, they'd all be affluent and educated people. What kind of logic is this? O'Reilley's logic is off-based and so is Chapman's in using O'Reilley as a figurehead of the conservative.

As a liberal, as a person, I don't enjoy seeing Bush make inane mistakes and bad decisions; he is the leader of our country and we all suffer from those mistakes. If Bush could turn things around, I could be persuaded to buy a Bush bumper sticker.

In regards to Chapman's comment about treason-when has having a differing opinion been construed as treason? My views differ from those of conservatives, but that hardly constitutes treason. Does Chapman even know what that word means?

Lastly, I do hope we lose in Iraq, and while I can't speak for the other liberals, I believe withdrawing forces or "losing" in Iraq would be beneficial to both Iraqis and Americans. Does Chapman really think our presence in Iraq will stop another 9/11? What we are losing right now are innocent lives, civilian and military, and at what cost and for what gain? So America can thump its chest one more time? This is "for the good of the country"-our boys shipped home in flag-draped coffins and Iraqi blood on our hands?

I hope Chapman sees his errors, but he probably won't. But hey, I've got to run-I've got some websites to check out before they all disappear when Bush succeeds at something.

Amanda Bell

English major


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