Jan 222006
Authors: James Baetke

The Fort Collins City Council is now slapping speeders and traffic violators with an additional fee.

An additional $35 surcharge is added to all tickets that carry points against a driver, such as speeding or failure to provide proof of insurance. This amount is on top of the ticket itself, along with any other fees from the city or county.

Council Ordinance 167 was passed late last year in hopes to fund two additional traffic officers and for calming traffic devices. If a ticket is issued for two or more traffic offenses, the new surcharge would apply to each of the offenses that carry points.

On multiple repeat offenses within one year, the fine is doubled for second-time offenders and quadrupled the third time for up to $1,000.

City officials are also reminding citizens that parking laws are strictly enforced downtown, especially among the hundreds of meters that checker the streets of Old Town.

"We just do not want people to abuse street parking," said Peggy Lyle with the Downtown Business Association.

Those who violate the two-hour limit on meters are given a warning with no ticket. A second-time offender is charged a $10 infraction, a third offense costs $25 and the price is $50 for a fourth-time offender within a rolling 180-day time period.

Randy Hensley, the city's parking services manager, recommends that if patrons plan to spend more than 2 hours downtown to park in one of two parking structures located in Old Town. The first hour is free, then 50-cents per hour thereafter.

"We want to encourage parking space turnover," Hensley said.

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