Jan 192006

Mr. Chapman, I was dismayed after reading your most recent article in the Collegian. I hoped your New Year's resolution for 2006 would be to write something more constructive for our school's paper instead of repeating whatever you hear on the Rush Limbaugh talk show and/or read in an Ann Coulter book.

As a fellow conservative, I confess I found myself puzzled at your claim that liberals are committing 'treason' by disagreeing with the current administration's foreign policy and that they are rooting for the terrorists. I did not support our going into Iraq but now that we're there, I believe we have a moral obligation to finish what we started. Am I a traitor too? Do I hate America?

The problem with your argument (aside from its lunacy) is that you see patriotism as the highest virtue a person can have and that patriotism entails agreeing with everything our president does… you couldn't be more wrong.

I love this country and because I love it so much I am willing to criticize it. That's what real love is. Even God rebukes those He loves. Now, I'll agree with you that many liberals have an unhealthy longing to see President Bush screw up, but the idea that they are committing a crime and they want us to lose the war is preposterous. You didn't have an epiphany Ryan, just a high school-level desire to get attention. I have to believe your article was merely for shock value, a way of telling your readers, "I'm back and more badass than ever!" Whatever helps you sleep at night, Ryan.

Mathew Doryland


political science

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