Jan 192006

This letter is in response to Ryan Chapman's article "Traitors," although calling it an actual article is hard for me to do. It sounds more like the ramblings of an impressionable, teenage boy fresh off an hour of Fox News.

To say "liberals are lying when they claim to support the troops" is not only ignorant, but hurtful as well. Many liberals, such as myself, are against the war but still believe in funding our troops and outfitting them for the best chance of survival.

Being against the war is not about spite towards the President. I do not wish upon any person in this country the experience I have gone through with losing a beloved friend in Iraq last year. That bloodshed, and that of innocent Iraqi civilians, is what some of us are against, Ryan. We want it to stop as soon as possible. If liberals wanted to "lose" in Iraq, as you claim, it would mean significant losses of life for our troops.

That is the worst possible outcome I could imagine. Obviously you have chosen to dislike all liberals and stereotype them in your articles, but don't fill other peoples heads with those kinds of hurtful lies.

Stephanie French


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