Jan 192006
Authors: Kristen Majors

Spring semester has begun and hoards of people are heading to the Student Recreation Center to work off an extra layer of holiday flab.

However, many students are not sure where to begin. Fortunately, personal trainers are available to help students create a workout that best fits their individual needs.

"First and most of all we offer regular, one-on-one training sessions," said Tamar Cline, assistant director and coordinator of strength and fitness. "We are going to take into account information related to their health status and also their physicals needs and interests to create a program that's appropriate for them."

The Rec Center has 12 trainers available. Although it is a busy time of year, they still have plenty of time to schedule appointments. Sessions cost $18 each.

The trainers work with people of all fitness levels and needs. Programs can be created for body-builders, weight loss, stress management, weight gain and sports conditioning.

Trainers also instruct many specialty classes at the Rec Center, including Marathon Smart, Training for Weight Loss, Training for Mass and Training for Spring Break. Classes are a less expensive, but also a less personalized option for exercisers.

"I think pretty much everybody doesn't quite understand what is effective exercise and how much they really need or how hard they need to work," Cline said . "Some people stop their workout programs because they're not seeing any changes in their body, but they simply haven't put together the right workout program where they're going to be able to accomplish that."

Most trainers are students preparing for a career in personal training. They complete a 10-week program in the spring, followed by national certification. The trainers continue classes throughout the year in order to stay updated on the latest techniques.

"It's the least expensive training that you can possibly get in Fort Collins," Cline said . "Some clients actually train three to five times a week with us a on a regular basis, but some people can just train with us once or twice and get set up on a program."

Personal trainers are not the only busy ones this time of year. Rec Center employees also notice more hustle and bustle than usual.

"It's a lot busier now because people are coming back from break and everyone made New Year's resolutions to get in shape and lose weight," said Bailey Swingle, a Rec Center employee and freshman health and exercise science major . "It's busy for a couple weeks, but then it dies off. Then right around Spring Break it gets really busy again."

Megan Young, a freshman business administration major , said she has not always worked out, but began when she arrived on campus because of the convenience of the Rec Center. Young has not taken advantage of personal trainers because of the expense, but thinks it is a good idea.

"I think that (personal trainers) would be able to help me more with specifically what my body needs and what areas I need to improve on," she said.

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