Jan 192006

I am writing in response to the article published in this Wednesday's paper by Ryan Chapman that accuses liberals as being "traitors." To this, I have a few responses.

First of all, I, as a liberal, feel some sort of conclusion needs to be reached in Iraq before we withdraw to avoid even more chaos in an unstable country, on the contrary to statements made that my party wants the troops to lose. In fact, it's never crossed my mind that I would want our troops to lose.

Oh, but of course, you do have omnipotent editorial writers at the Collegian, so Ryan must know that I'm lying. However, I do believe that instituting a democracy (a government that requires educated citizens to be effective) in a third, at best second, world country is a colossal mistake, which is why I oppose the present action in Iraq.

McDonald's is better at culture adjustment than our national government and to me, that's sick.

Now, Ryan, that you have a better idea of how my party thinks, why don't you re-think what you wrote and start embracing the different opinions we have in this country, a characteristic of why it is so great.

My party must do the same so together, as a nation we can mend the rift that has been put between us in recent years and end this political civil war. Pointing fingers will do nothing; we must learn to work together to achieve a better global society


Chris Belongea


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