University Sacks Socials

Jan 182006
Authors: Elena Ulyanova

Students are required to memorize a variety of numbers, passwords and usernames to navigate CSU's computer systems. Many are not be happy to hear that another will soon be added.

The transition from using the PID or social security number to using a new CSUID as the primary system identifier has been set in motion this semester, though students can continue to use their PID until the fall semester.

"I kind of think it's a pain personally, but I understand why they are doing it," said Matt Pollard , sophomore biological science and German double major.

State and federal laws require CSU to mandate this change in order to protect the identities of students, faculty and staff.

William Haid , executive director of enrollment services, said university departments have been told to start reprogramming their systems in anticipation of the fall semester.

By Aug. 17, every student, faculty and staff member will receive a new identification card with the CSUID number printed on it. The transition will come to an end by September 2006.

"It's better than using social security numbers because of identity theft," said Casey Ehlinger , freshman biology and zoology major. "If it's on our ID cards it won't be too bad because you take it pretty much everywhere."

The eName will remain the primary code used for on-line login on RAMweb, RamPoint and WebCT. The PID is no longer accepted to login on RAMweb.

All new CSUID numbers can be accessed on RAMweb and further information will be sent out by e-mail throughout the spring semester.

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