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Jan 182006

I just thought that I should let everyone reading the Collegian know, the Denver Broncos rock! They're going all the way this year, and you can quote me on that one.

If velociraptors were alive today, they would hunt and kill all the cattle, starving the human population. Thank goodness for extinction.

To the nasty, no-couth, fingernail-chomping slob who spit out his yellow fingernails on the floor of the Eddy writing lab on Tuesday, do the world a favor – buy a fingernail clipper and don't procreate.

Why is it that assisted suicide by a physician is illegal while assisted suicide by tobacco companies is legal?

To all the out-of-state students here who hate the Broncos, please realize where you are now, Colorado, home of the Broncos. Keep your comments to a minimum.

It bothers me when I sign up to play beer pong and whoever owns the table lets girls play ahead of me just because I'm a guy. Talk about sexism.

If anybody knows the whereabouts of Will #1, please tell Ramtalk ASAP. He went missing around winter break.

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