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Jan 182006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

"We are the ones they warned you about!"

Not a bad slogan for a group of anarchists or other type of social deviants. But maybe not the best choice of words from a university banned organization trying to mend its image.

It is for this reason we were surprised to see posters around the CSU campus advertising the Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) house's ongoing rush, adorned with the previously mentioned phrase.

For those who have forgotten or weren't in school when it occurred last fall, the PIKE house lost its official school sanctioning for a period of seven years for various infractions involving alcohol.

Whether the PIKE house was treated fairly and with due process is disputable. President Penley handed down the punishment swiftly with seemingly no course of immediate appeal available to the fraternities and sororities affected.

Regardless of the wisdom behind Penley's decision, the fact remains that the PIKE house now exists with a somewhat tarnished reputation. It is hard to understand what the organization stands to gain or whom it hopes to attract by promoting itself as an outsiders' organization.

A PIKE leader has stated that the phrase is in reaction to a warning posted in the 2005 recruitment pamphlet for CSU Greek organizations. The warning, pasted over what was a description of the PIKE house states, "Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) is an unrecognized Fraternity of Colorado State University. Any association with this Fraternity is done at your own risk!"

The risk asserted is unclear and the phrase no doubt perturbs those within the PIKE fraternity who feel that their organization has been treated unfairly. They need to remember, however, that when members unfamiliar with the ways of the Greek organization read a sign such as theirs, the road towards redemption becomes that much harder.

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