Jan 182006

OK, so Ben Bleckley is a pretty hardcore liberal, I understand that and accept it. What is hard to accept is his latest display claiming to link a fascist, genocidal maniac with our energy consumption in the good 'ole U.S. I know that for liberals, most of the world's tragedies can be traced directly back to George W. Bush, but there was no hint of rational thought displayed in this article. Germany, France and Great Britain, hardly a pro-America bunch, minus of course the government of Britain, have announced they believe Ahmadinejad desires to have nuclear weapons. Given his statements last October ("Israel should be wiped off the map!"), it is little wonder who he would use it on if given the opportunity.

Mr. Bleckley, the very last thing the U.S., the IAEA or the international community needs to do is "lighten up" in the face of such comments. Do you honestly believe the international community should not worry because Israel could destroy facilities if they needed to? That is your desire for relations between Iran and Israel? And let's compare these two issues: Country A wants to and would wipe Country B off the map because it holds views that A doesn't like. Country C uses too much oil and thinks that A should not wipe B off the map. Hmm, which country would you rather live in?


Toby Coffman



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