Jan 182006
Authors: Julie Abiecunas


(970) 282-7664

1544 Oakridge Dr

Walking into Somi's, I prepared for a classy evening.

The entryway is spectacular with vaulted ceilings, marble flooring, dark wood accents and an elegant and friendly host and wait staff clad in red and black. Inside is gorgeous, covered with mossy green walls and elegant red roses climbing to the ceiling. The main dining area is to the left while an energetic cocktail lounge with a live band is to the right. The main dining hall is complete with a beautiful fireplace and large, elegant hand-painted canvases.

The service matched the atmosphere. Detailed meal orders were met with, "Excellent choice madam," or a "One of my personal favorites as well."

Recommended by a Somi's staff member, the Roasted Onion Tart was a delightfully warm quiche-like dish, reminiscent of mom's old home cooking.

The final chosen entree was one of the specials of the night, the stuffed duck with mashed potatoes and braised carrots. Considering myself somewhat of a duck connoisseur when it comes to fine dining, Somi's exceeded my expectations with some of the best duck I ever tasted; it was succulent and topped with an utterly decadent sauce. The mashed potatoes, though tasty, could have stood to be a bit creamier.

Topping off the evening, the real reason to return to Somi's is the dessert. Make sure you save room for their warm apple crisp. It truly is a taste of heaven on earth, topped with creamy custard, rich crumbly brown sugar topping and cinnamon apples. This dessert is what sets Somi's apart from other fine-dining restaurants. As an added treat, served with the dessert was complementary French Press coffee.

One criticism of the night would be the amount of time it took from ordering to actually receiving dinner. Diners should be aware to keep at least an hour open between ordering and eating.

Despite the length of time it took to receive our food, I still recommend Somi's to any fella looking for a great place to take a first date, or to any couple looking for an elegant night out.

For big romantic holidays like Valentine's Day and anniversaries however, Somi's bustling atmosphere might not quite work out. The cocktail lounge hosts live bands, which though good for a lively night out, break the ambience needed for a truly romantic evening.

4 out of 5 stars

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