Jan 172006
Authors: Ryan Chapman

Over Christmas break I watched an episode of the Late Show with David Letterman where one of Letterman's guests was Bill O'Reilly. Letterman, being one of the most unabashedly leftist talk show hosts in the country, quickly turned the discussion to the war in Iraq and began to harangue O'Reilly on everything that has gone wrong. He called O'Reilly a liar, said "people like him" are what is wrong with this country, and mocked him for disagreeing with Cindy Sheehan's protest tactics. All after admitting to never watching O'Reilly's program.

It was at this moment I had an epiphany. I realized for the first time that Letterman and the army of liberal nut jobs he speaks for (many of whom were in the audience cheering) are actually rooting for us to lose in Iraq. It dawned on me that a rather large constituency of democrats would be happy if we were beaten out of Iraq. They could then hold this monumental failure over the head of their arch enemy President George W. Bush. I have said before I believe liberals are lying when they claim to support the troops but I now realize I was only half right; they flat out want the troops to lose.

Ask any die hard liberal you know if they enjoy seeing President George W. Bush make mistakes and I would bet the answer is most assuredly "YES." If he didn't, they wouldn't have anything to talk about. The plethora of Web sites and blogs whose soul intent is to mock the president and republicans in general (e.g.,, and would have to be abandoned. Nothing would make these people happier than to see the most important undertaking of this presidency end in an admittance of failure.

Many of you may be reading this and making the exact same realization I did. You also may be wondering how in the hell people can get away with rooting against their own country in a time of war, like I am. I have all the respect in the world for the First Amendment but this goes way beyond that. As far as I am concerned this behavior is treason and should be tried as such. The only problem is that I have no physical evidence of my claims; it just happens to be a theory of mine.

When Letterman decided to let his guest speak again, O'Reilly pointed out the exact thing I am talking about. He admitted the war was indeed a mistake but that at this point, it has to be won for the good of the country. He mentioned that Cindy Sheehan calling insurgents "freedom fighters" and countless other liberals calling the president a liar and murderer was not helping the cause but was, in fact, hurting it. Letterman struggled to refrain from cheering aloud for terrorists and their insurgent counterparts and simply ended the interview.

In the next few days, I foresee a lot of response from liberals claiming they are "appalled" by my comments and they do indeed want America to win the war in Iraq. These people are lying or at least most of them are. Though they would never admit it publicly, these people would feel just a little bit of joy at the thought of a pull out from Iraq. And that my friends, is just sick.

Ryan Chapman is a senior marketing major. His column runs every Wednesday in the Collegian.

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