Jan 172006
Authors: Trevor Edy

A father. A husband. A student. An athlete. It's hard to believe that all those characteristics describe one of CSU's newest additions to the men's basketball team. Junior point guard Corey Lewis is all of those things, and more to many.

Lewis, a transfer from Dodge City Community College in Kansas, joined the CSU basketball team this season hoping to contribute in any way possible. Not only has this 6-foot guard done that, he has also exceeded expectations, emerging as one of the Rams' leaders, according to CSU assistant coach Bill Peterson.

"He's a guy who is a leader, knows how to win and makes all the players around him better," Peterson said. "He really understands basketball and what it takes to win."

Although he looks like your normal student athlete, by no means is that the case. At 22 years old, Lewis is married and has a son, Dasean, who is a little more than a month old.

"He's a great father. He is always checking up on us when he is on the road; he's really about his family," said his wife, Kendra Lewis after a recent practice.

Despite Lewis' unique situation, he has handled the situation well.

"It made me more mature, but I think I was ready for it," he said.

Peterson recommended Lewis to go to Dodge City after watching him through his high school years. At DCCC Lewis gained all-conference honors and continued to develop his game.

"It was fun and kind of different because there is really nothing out there. It was kind of a culture shock from growing up in the city," he said.

Lewis grew up in Lafayette, La. where he started playing competitive basketball.

"It was kind of hard, I grew up in the hood," Lewis said. "Either you hustle or you play ball – those are the only two things you can do. I went with ball."

Lewis credits his aggressiveness to playing with older and bigger guys.

Not only did coach Peterson refer Lewis to his junior college, he had been recruiting him since high school.

"He was a guy who was always looking to pass and set guys up and a very, very good defender," Peterson said.

Even though Lewis might have more responsibility than your average 22-year-old, the kid in him still pops out from time to time.

"Sometimes all he wants to do is sleep and play his video games," Kendra said.

When he's not doing that, Lewis has been busy earning the respect of the coaching staff at CSU and the rest of the players. Almost all the players have volunteered to baby-sit Dasean.

"Everybody loves my wife and kid," Lewis said with a smile.

In addition to his 10 points and five assists per game to go with a team-leading 24 steals, Lewis also is a full-time student.

While the typical student is busy, Lewis gives new meaning to the word.



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