Ram Talk

Jan 172006

Something was missing from the Real Ram Fans ad. Real Ram Fans play Oregon Trail just so they can go hunt and kill as many buffalo as possible.

Whoever tried to jack my bike seat, I hate you. Now it's too tall for me to reach my pedals. Who steals a bike seat anyway? Real cool.

To whoever doesn't like walking next to smokers on campus – smokers have that freedom, and you aren't going to smell awful by walking next to one. Walk ahead, to the side or, if you are so concerned, carry some Febreze to spray yourself with. Also to that girl who constantly tells smokers, "smoking kills," please mind your own business.

In the dorms we have this thing called "quiet hours." No loud music, no nonsensical noises in the halls, etc. Yet it is perfectly fine to run the lawn mower under our windows during peak study hours? So if I fail my final, will that be a valid excuse when I appeal my grade?

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