Religion is not science

Jan 162006

It is my opinion that some religions perceive science as a threat as it makes apparently conflicting claims about the origin of the universe. I adamantly oppose the teaching of faith-based origins in science classrooms and argue that the realm of hard science such as biology and physics is entirely separate from religious beliefs. While religion and science are not mutually exclusive, such discussions are not vital in science classrooms. Teaching creationism or intelligent design, however you mask it, confuses religion with science.

Those that consider faith-based origin beliefs to be legitimate science fail to understand what science truly entails.

According to Wikipedia, there are several non-negotiable qualifications for a true scientific theory. It must be falsifiable or able to be proven wrong. It must be testable and reproducible. It must be naturalistic, not requiring supernatural explanations. It must make specific predictions and be based on empirical evidence. And its supporters, the scientists who promote it, must be objective. Their conclusions must arise from the data, not preconceived bias, and they must be willing to change if the evidence suggests they are wrong. In all these ways, creationism fails as science.

All things considered, it is only the blind faith of its believers that keeps the defeated belief of creationism going. Maybe all you Christians should put down your Bibles and pick up a textbook.

Kyle Morse


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