Jan 162006

I know this is not politically correct, but when have I ever been politically correct? If Ramadan is a Muslim holiday (actually a month) and that is acceptable; If Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday and that is acceptable; If Visakha Puja (Buddha's Birthday) is a Buddhist holiday and that is acceptable; If Bharat is a Hindu holiday and that is acceptable, then why is CHRISTmas not acceptable as a CHRISTian holiday that celebrates Christ's birth? No one is forced to celebrate CHRISTmas. But saying that CHRISTmas is not a CHRISTian holiday is ignorant.

Or we might have to say Ramadan is not a Muslim holiday and tell Muslims what they can do during their month of fasting and praying, all in the interest of politically correctness.

Maybe someday the people who espouse tolerance for everybody will apply tolerance to Christians too. I think that CHRISTmas being a CHRISTian holiday is acceptable.


Brian France

Boulder resident

 Posted by at 5:00 pm

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