Ms. Matich,

Dec 112005

I apologize if my letter about the recent downslide in quality of the Collegian offended you, as this was not my intent. As to your complaint that I didn't back up my argument with facts, I would like to take this opportunity to do just that. Hope this helps clear up any confusion.

Fact: On Dec. 2, the Collegian printed an erroneous graphic on the front page detailing the number of deaths from AIDS. This graphic included glaring mistakes that made it both nonsensical and completely irrelevant to the article. I feel this sort of mistake should have been caught by an editor somewhere along the way.

Fact: On Monday, Nov. 28, the Collegian printed an article in which they misreported the starting date of Hanukkah. This type of mistake leads me to believe that reporters at the Collegian have a difficult time utilizing research materials and checking their facts.

Fact: At one point during the semester, the Collegian printed an entire article that was a review of a festival that had taken place the previous year, instead of the festival they were supposed to be covering. The editorial staff issued a lengthy apology for this mistake.

In addition to these problems, there have been numerous typos, spelling mistakes and instances of, quite simply, bad writing that indicate to me a lapse in the previously high standards of the Collegian. As responsible, discerning adults attending an institute of higher education, I believe that the poor writing and editing of the Collegian reflects badly on the school and on the students, especially if we fail to speak up and demand better.

As to your question of why I still read the Collegian, I will say that it's the only readily available, free source of news on campus, and I like to have something to read when I'm eating lunch or bored at work. Why you choose to continually belittle people in the Collegian is another story. Best of luck with all of your future endeavors.

Emily Moreland


English education

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