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There seems to be no end to the indignation of Christians when it comes to others' holidays infringing on Christmas. Ms. Ellis is obviously upset that her rosy colored vision of Christmas is being destroyed by reality.

Let's start with the "Christmas Tree." This tradition can be traced back to the Pagan celebration of the winter solstice. People decorated trees with candles to make a warm place for the winter elves to stay on the longest night of the year. The birth of Christ? Judging from the young animals that were purported to be in the manger, this birth must have occurred in the spring, not the middle of winter. The holiday of Christmas was invented by the Romans circa the 4th Century, present era, to compete not only with the holiday of the pagans that the Romans were "civilizing," but also to compete with Hanukkah.

Why can't everyone just admit that Christmas is nothing more than a commercialized spending spree? How many were up before dawn on black Friday to start shopping? How many have spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on presents that people don't need? And why is Christmas the only "religious" holiday that is also a federal holiday?

Mike Scott

graduate student


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