Dec 112005

Brett Okamoto's column on Friday was right on…in more ways than one. Being from Austin (home of the University of Texas), it gave me great pleasure not as much to see the 'Horns win, but instead it was the fact that CU lost so pathetically.

That was the sweetest part of it all. As much as I would like to say that I don't harbor any ill will to our pretentious neighbors down in Boulder, over my four years here in Fort Collins, I have developed an almost uncontrollable disdain for all things black and gold (I think green is a much friendlier color), and the situation with CU's football team is merely a microcosm of what is really just an ugly situation that is currently going on at the base of the Flatirons.

It is amazing to me how that university (and the parents who send their kids and money there) can continue to tolerate the obviously scandalous activity that goes on in Boulder, both in the athletic department and in the community as a whole.

Brett got it exactly right when he implied that CU would be willing to put up with activities deemed undesirable by the majority of America if their football team was winning, and that is the saddest thing about this whole situation.

Max Appling


business administration

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