Campus Blotter

Dec 112005

Friday, December 9

Assault at Edwards Hall – student wanted to report an assault that happened last Friday. Working with Housing Staff, which was already working on the situation.

Motor vehicle accident on Lake Street and Centre Avenue

Motor vehicle accident hit-and-run in University Square lot

Assisted Facilities with a broken water pipe at the Parking Advisory Committee

Assisted Housing Services at Durward Hall.

Driver cited for driving under suspension.

Alcohol/obstruction in Moby lot – student cited for underage consumption, then he tore up the ticket. He went to Larimer County Detention Center for obstruction.

Alcohol at Parmelee Hall – three individuals cited for underage consumption.

Drugs at Parmelee Hall – individual cited for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Alcohol on Laurel Street near Parmelee Hall – student cited for underage consumption

Driving under the influence on West Elizabeth Street

Assisted Fort Collins Police Services with a disturbance on Birch Street.

Detox transport from University Village – intoxicated individual contacted officer and asked for a ride to Detox.

Welfare check at Braiden Hall – individual was not Detox criteria.

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