Why write a letter

Dec 082005

Ms. Moreland,

Your letter to the editor on Monday was not more than a mere way to throw your ideologies into the mix of what you call "an embarrassment and incredulity." If the Collegian is such an embarrassment, why do you continue to choose to subject yourself to reading it, not to mention writing a letter to the editor?

What I find amusing about your letter is that the only editorial writer you could insult was Ryan Chapman, when I am assuming your man, Tim Waddingham, has written many more things that have made myself throw up a little in my mouth. On the other hand, I have not had the audacity to write such a thing without backing up my point. I will say this, that if we, graduating students, write a claim that is printed, it needs much more than a feeling or an emotion – it needs facts!

Stick to writing your opinions on the editing staff of the Collegian. They are the ones who are responsible for the mistakes you read, not the writers themselves.

Andrea Matich


marketing major

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