Dec 082005

I am embarrassed for Ryan Chapman. My god, what is this banal minutiae of opinions that are thrown at us week after week from his holiness Mr. Chapman? Golly, it sounds as if the trials of life got Ryan down these days, boo hoo.

I suppose it would be much to ask if Ryan is able to see how obtuse and brutish his passive aggressive method of talking smack at people who TRY to help and then devaluing them as human beings rather than the company protocols they may follow is.

Then, he aggressively proclaims that a person ought to be "punched in the face" if they so dare to counter what he feels are his reasonable assumptions is beyond reproach. How the university community continues to tolerate Ryan's inflammatory and wasteful use of newsprint is an important question we ought to ask ourselves.

I would posit that his inability to create an atmosphere of cordial debate and meaningful dialogue amongst the community on issues of foreign and domestic policy, sports and meaningless dribble is really not worth the joy of putting the smack down on virtually every argument he puts forth, it is just getting down-right embarrassing.

Jonas Feinstein

graduate student


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