Excuse my French

Dec 082005

I am a French woman.

One day, I was sitting on a villa patio, sipping expensive wine, eating a baguette and thinking about new ways to surrender – you know, brunch. In any case, I picked up a copy of The Rocky Mountain Collegian. Therein, I had the displeasure of reading a damning article by Ryan Chapman who called all of France a stupid hypocrite. I threw my beret on the floor, shouted, "SacrA” bleu! Here is an American who knows not of what he speaks!" and stormed right out of that patio, leaving my wine unfinished. It should be noted that I also smell, haven't ever shaved, wear a striped shirt and offer Americans advice at every opportunity.

Of course, none of that is anywhere near true, but you couldn't put it past Mr. Chapman. Chapman, clearly a Francophobe, used his Nov. 17 column to show his ignorance on a new topic: the riots in France. Here are a few of his many misconceptions.

He claims that during the first two weeks of riots, the French government didn't give any response. Well, I didn't know that Dominique de Villepin and Nicolas Sarkozy don't belong to the French government. Thanks for the news! He says France never contributes? Does he know the number of French firemen who helped the Americans after 9/11 or during the Katrina crisis? I'd guess he doesn't. Moreover, Chapman associates the vandalism that occurred during the French riots to terrorism, which couldn't be more wrong. Then Chapman associates those culpable with immigrants, which is transparently xenophobic and just plain lazy.

In French: "les bons conseils d'un ami sont les dA”lices d'une A/me," which means, "Good advice from a friend is the delight of a soul." In other words, the various responses from France to these events are advices you may not want, but they are ones you would have benefited from listening to. Fortunately, while I've been abroad here in the United States, I've only met a few narrow-minded and prejudiced persons like our dear writer; mostly, I've received a very friendly reception.

As for Mr. Chapman, well, excuse my French, but wise the f*%# up!

Peggy Bzinkiewicz, Monique Bernet-Rollande,

Anne-Sophie Bodin, Karin Ulmer and Melanie Coupe

French exchange students happy to be at CSU

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