Dec 082005
Authors: Melissa Edwards

The Transit Center construction may seem like a minor pain right now, but upon scheduled completion in August 2006, the CSU Transit Center, along with the Lory Student Center, will have a brand new appearance complete with new amenities.

As most students have noticed, the stairs between the LSC and the Engineering Building closed Nov. 15. Students who use the metered parking lot between Rockwell Hall and the LSC are now forced to detour through the Engineering Building as a result of the demolished stairway.

"It's inconvenient, but I don't have much of a choice," said Benjamin Carroll , senior political science major. "I do a lot of stuff in the student center and the library. From where I live, it's the best place to park."

The 10-month renovation is a 21,000 square-foot project. Of the 21,000 square feet, 14,000 square feet is new and 7,000 square feet is being remodeled.

"This is an effort to make (the transit center) a seamless connection to the Lory Student Center," said LSC Executive Director Mike Ellis.

The $8 million project is completely paid for by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration. Transfort and CSU are working together to make the Transit Center and the LSC more appealing to students. Ellis said the new addition will be a LEED certified renovation, which means the construction incorporates principles of grain design, conserves energy and reuses materials whenever possible. "Phase one" of the project is already completed, which is the outside waiting area for Transfort buses.

The next step is renovating the north side of the LSC. Ellis said he wants more student traffic to flow through these doors as opposed to walking up the stairs next to the Engineering Building.

"It's going to be a grand entry. It will look exceptional, compared to the one we had before," Ellis said. "Before, we were only seeing approximately 500 to 600 students per day. With the new entry, we can expect 3,000 to 4,000. We'd like to see more people use the amenities of the LSC."

The new entry will look completely different from what students are used to seeing. It will be two stories, with an overhead three-story atrium. This side of the LSC will have another information desk, a Transit desk, a new meeting room, new Service Learning and Civic Engagement Offices, a new Ram Ride office and a new convenience store. The Lobby Shop is closed during the renovation, but Cam's Corner Store remains open in the LSC basement. However, upon completion of the project, Cam's Corner Store will close and combine with the old Lobby Shop. The new, bigger store will be called Cam's Lobby Shop.

Also included in the new entrance will be an inside waiting area for students waiting for the bus during cold weather.

"It's an amazing improvement. It will provide a space for students to wait out the elements as they wait for the bus to arrive," Ellis said.

For now, students have to wait out the construction process.

"I'm not overly thrilled, but it's good for the university," Carroll said. "I can deal with it."

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