Dec 062005

I am writing this letter in response to Kate Dzintars' editorial "Viva la female sexual revolution" that was published on World AIDS Day.

I agree with many points in Dzintars' column, but one main point was left out. We have been raised in a society with a double standard and I completely agree women should take control of their relationships, but I feel the emotional risk with many safe sex partners was not addressed.

Sex is supposed to be this breathtaking experience you share with someone…I get it! Safe sex is even better…enjoyment and protection all in one.

However, every time you have sex with someone, you give a part of yourself to that person that you cannot get back, no matter how hard you try. What I speak of is this amazing bond that sex creates between two people that can deepen any relationship, providing emotional and physical ties to this one person. This bond connects you to that person and allows for a greater feeling of closeness. It makes a mark on you, like an internal tattoo that will affect you for the rest of your life.

It was once described to me as a metaphor with a piece of tape. Every time that the piece of tape sticks to someone (the sex) and then gets ripped off (the break up) the piece of tape becomes less and less sticky. When we have that emotional and physical closeness with so many various people we are likely to become less and less close in future relationships.

Lauren Bower


family and consumer sciences education

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