Dec 062005

To Megan Schulz: Your blatant religious intolerance and discrimination prompted me to write and straighten you out. First off, shame on you as a "journalist" for failing to get your facts straight. A "silent" Scientology birth is not as you described. As a Scientologist of 21 years, I should know.

The idea of a silent birth is to put as little stress on the newborn as possible. Of course a woman giving birth is allowed to feel and express pain and take drugs if they wish-it is up to the individual.

The statement that upset me the most was the one about newborn interaction. It was a complete lie that no one is allowed to speak to the baby for the first seven days! In fact, the very opposite is true because Scientologists value communication and bonding with loved ones. You certainly didn't get your facts from the Scientology website, so next time I would hope the "journalist" in you would find better sources than Entertainment Tonight.

Finally, I would like to say Scientology is a religious philosophy that revolves around improving ourselves as individuals. You can be any religion and still be a Scientologist. We have members of every denomination.

Next time you want to spread lies about a "crazy, bogus" religion, remember that Scientology is the fastest growing religion in the world. Count yourself lucky this is only one of a few letters you will receive about your bigoted article.


Morgan Carey

Biology Major


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