Dec 062005
Authors: Scott Bondy

Yes, it's time. No hype needed this year though, just give it to Reggie.

I have never seen a more electric player in the college game. It's hard to write about Reggie Bush and not use every sports cliche. After all, he IS a human highlight reel, he IS the whole package and yes, he plays bigger than his size (6-feet, 200 pounds) or anyone else's for that matter.

I doubt I have to make a case for the guy. Bush does it for me. The NCAA Division-I leader in all-purpose running yards (217.6 per game) finished the regular season with 1,658 rushing yards, 2,611 total yards, 17 TDs and 8.9 yards per carry.

The man does it all. He runs the ball, catches passes and returns kicks. Not only is he the No. 1 running back in the nation but also the best punt-returner. He tallied 2,611 total yards on the season. Bush knows more about what to do with an open field than a farmer.

If his season totals don't wow you, maybe his 513-yards of total offense against Fresno State did. Yes, you read that number right. There aren't many teams that put up 500-plus yards in a game, let alone a single player. He rushed for 294 yards, caught three passes for 68 yards and gained the rest on some ankle-breaking punt returns. And if you didn't see that game, not to worry, you'll get the chance on ESPN Classics one day.

Bush averaged an incredible 10.06 yards every time he touched the ball. I have never seen an all-around better player in college football. I wouldn't go as far as to say there isn't anyone better – I just wasn't alive to see them play. (Michael Vick and Charles Woodson would be the challengers.)

It's almost a mute issue as to who the other Heisman candidates are. This is sad considering Vince Young of Texas is a great player. He deserves some recognition, but although he stands 6'5" he still stands is Bush's shadow. Young would make a great argument for MVP considering he is the most valuable player to his team. But the Heisman looks at the best player in the nation.

USA Today recently took a poll from a panel of writers and editors. Bush finished with all 10 first-place votes. Bush's teammate, Matt Leinhart, ranked second.

Young should stick to his word, return to Texas next season and dominate field on Saturdays. He gets my early vote for the 2006 Heisman.

Saturday Reggie Bush will stand at the podium and thank voters for the 2005 Heisman Trophy. He will be thanking them for doing the right thing, voting for the top player in the nation.

Scott Bondy is the Collegian's associate managing editor for sports and special sections.

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