Dec 062005

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson used an alleged attack on a U.S. ship to justify expanding the war against Vietnam. Now an analysis by an "in-house" National Security Agency analyst says this story was probably cooked up. [See GOOGLE for references.]

Big Surprise! Our government used a dubious story of an attack on our ship to justify our attack on Spanish colonies. We used such a story to justify our stupid entrance into World War I. Roosevelt may well have provoked and allowed the attack on Pearl Harbor. Now it turns out that, in a "tragedy turned into farce," Johnson invented a PT-boat attack to justify expanding the Vietnam War. And of course, Bushies faked evidence that Saddam threatened the world to justify the unprovoked, stupid invasion of Iraq.

Congress (and our people) chose to believe ALL these stories! Some say TRUTH is the first casualty of war. Not so: GOOD SENSE perishes first; then there's no demand for truth.

Optimistic point: After nearly three years of unpleasant, unwinnable war, most Americans say they would not believe information coming from the White House. However, when a second "9/11" attack happens (real or concocted by our government), our people will likely go crazy again.

There are germs that can't kill the organism by themselves. But they over-stimulate the immune system so the organism destroys itself. Analogously, terrorists can't destroy us. But they can drive us mad so we ourselves destroy the American Republic.

Dan Lyons

Fort Collins resident

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