To the Editor

Dec 052005

Jenna Ellis' column in the Dec. 2 issue certainly presents the "party line" for the religious right. However, if one follows that particular line of belief one must conclude that gay people are "created" by almighty God in "His" image and likeness, etc. Is homosexuality simply a sinful "choice" or do people "come" with a certain sexual preference?

Every serious study of the subject says sexual preference is not a choice! While the attraction of being, say, a jewel thief is obvious and must be "resisted" as "sinful," there is no such evident attraction of homosexual behavior to a naturally heterosexual person. (Jenna, when did you choose?)

Does God make a "mistake" when "creating" gay people or does she/he intend it this way? Or does God just get in a bad mood and decide to pick on a particular piece of pre-contemplative protoplasm and make it gay? Is one of the great commandments to love one's neighbor as oneself and by inference not to take advantage of one's "neighbor" for simple lust and sexual gratification?

Then what is the problem with allowing a gay couple the benefit of committing to a lifetime of loving and caring one for another in the same way as my wife and I are privileged? Gay people are here and always have been! If God wanted it otherwise it would have been fixed by now. It's high time to be truly "Christian" about it and get over it!

Thomas J. Allen, MD

Fort Collins/Loveland

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