Dec 042005

I am somewhat concerned about the thoughts on marriage by Jenna Lynn Ellis in Friday's paper. Although I respect and support your right to have such concrete and specific views on marriage, I do not believe that they hold up as a legal issue. It mentions nothing about love, nothing about God and certainly nothing about joy.

I do agree that marriage should not be entered into lightly and that it is a very important kind of relationship as you cite in your article, however I don't find it to be a religious matter. Basically the only prerequisites for marriage in this country are the assurance that the two parties involved are of a legal age and have opposite sets of physical sexual characteristics.

I believe that churches and religious organizations still are well within their right to deny couples the right to marry in their facilities and by their practices as they see fit according to their doctrines and beliefs. That is not really the issue. All that same-sex marriage advocates want is the opportunity to a legal civil marriage, equipped with the rights and obligations associated with any other legal civil marriage.

Denying people that right is as absurd as denying two different metal manufacturers the right to merge their companies on the grounds that they are too similar and offend other companies.

The bottom line is that due to the religious and "moral" beliefs of some, our entire society is made to suffer. Rights and freedoms are denied from deserving citizens. Marriage is not a privilege; it is a right.

Forrest Gerke


art education major

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