Dec 042005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

I think it must be the crazy, repetitive holiday music. It's the only explanation for how absolutely insane people have become during the holiday season. All logic has been thrown out the window, replaced with a soundtrack of fa la la la's that has pushed me, and everyone else, to the brink of insanity.

Oh, you want examples? OK, I'll give you examples. First on my countdown, the new Virgin Mobile commercial celebrating Chrismahanukwanzakah. Now, Virgin Mobile has a history of really strange commercials, some that make sense, but many that do not. This commercial has to take the cake, though. The whole idea of the commercial is that they are trying to be politically correct, and not secularize the holiday by only advertising their product as a Christmas gift. Instead, they want everyone to know, whatever holiday you celebrate, Virgin Mobile has the perfect gift for the occasion.

Great idea, eh? The whole idea of every religion being equal and wonderful is a very nice message, one I completely agree with. The only problem is they decided to illustrate this idea by featuring some of the most stereotypical and offensive characters possible. "The Jews" had long beards and curly hair, and the "Hindu Santa" had such heavily accented English you could hardly understand him. Yet, those two had nothing on the "Gay Elf." Yes, the character literally had a sign that said "Gay Elf." He fulfilled almost every negative stereotype there are for gay men, and I was so shocked, I don't even know what the rest of the offensive stereotypes that were used in the commercial.

The intent of the commercial was to promote equality, but by using every stereotype in the book, the impact was the exact opposite. I bet if we went into the advertising offices of Virgin Mobile, they must have a repetitive holiday soundtrack shaking the foundation of their building.

If you go to New York City, you would find huge speakers blaring music throughout the streets, because that city is losing it, too. NYC's Christmas decorations are some of the most famous in the world, with the Christmas tree outside of the Rockefeller Center as the headliner. Now, there is a debate that this tree, along with other Christmas trees, should be called a "Holiday Tree" instead.

Ok, maybe I am going to come off sounding hypocritical for saying this after campaigning against the Virgin Mobile commercial, but a holiday tree? Why is it a holiday tree? There are no other winter holidays that celebrate using a tree, just Christmas. Thus, the reason it is called a Christmas tree. Holiday tree is just going overboard. It is not like they have a nativity scene depicting Christ's birth out front. No, that decoration would be too much. That's why we feature it on the steps in the state capital complex in Denver.

Yes, on the steps leading into the city and county building in Denver – a government building – there is a nativity scene. Talk about throwing political correctness out the window. By promoting a religion on the steps of a government building, those who are decorating our capitol have completely and totally disregarded one of the most basic tenants of the United States – the idea of separation between church and state. I can hear the carols from here.

Somewhere in between reenacting Christ's birth on the steps of our state capitol and renaming Christmas trees there is a gray area. In that area, people can interact without changing tradition or offending each others' beliefs, a novel and wonderful idea. How do we find this happy place? Just use some logic, and don't start playing the holiday music until the week of the holiday – the population's welfare depends on it.

Jake Bloomberg is a technical journalism and political science double major. His column runs every Monday in the Collegian.

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