Graduation Gifts

Dec 042005
Authors: Brett Okamoto

Some see college as a bit of a rip off. There you are, paying thousands of dollars over an average time period of four years, at the end of which you are handed a diploma – the most expensive piece of paper created.

That is why with graduation on the horizon, students are undoubtedly searching through their contact lists, sending graduation announcements to anyone and everyone who might send a present their way. Don't be ashamed, everyone does it.

Freshman microbiology major Nick Longo has not thought about what he'll give for graduation presents, but it's never too early for him to start thinking about what he wants.

"I wouldn't know what to give so I would give money. Money is always handy," Longo said. "You can get things you need, and you won't get things you don't like and have to take back."

As great as money is, sometimes people look to give something a little more personal. The obvious sentimental gift is the engraved picture frame with the favorite picture inside. In addition to pictures, other options are available that still show the graduate you put in some effort.

"A trip to Costa Rica," said Emma James, who graduated from CSU in May 2005. "My parents got the trip for me because I deserved it. It was my favorite graduation gift because I like traveling more than just money."

James, who now works at Sweet Sinsations in the Lory Student Center, has a few friends she'll have to give gifts to this year. What does she have in mind to give them after going through graduation herself?

"Not trips to Costa Rica, I know that," James said. "I'm going to print out photos and make them all scrapbooks."

So if you're looking for a good graduation gift idea, you probably can't go wrong with money, anything easily returnable for money or trips to foreign countries. Every graduate has his or her own needs – that something he or she would really appreciate.

Sophomore art major Kim Tesar already knows what her major concern will be – survival.

"Money. I don't know how hard it is to find a job out of college so I'll ask for money," she said. "You need money so you can buy food and not starve to death. Not having to dip into savings just to eat lunch would be nice."

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