Dec 042005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

When the animated show "Aeon Flux" aired on MTV back in the childhood days of yore, I never found myself taking time out of my day to sit down for an episode too often. This doesn't go to say I'm not a fan of the show and dislike its existence; it just never really caught my fancy. Now whether this makes a big difference on my opinion of the just released live-action movie starring the amazing Aussie-ness of Charlize Theron, I'm not sure. All I know is my excitement soon dwindled to exhaustion, and I probably didn't have an exciting expression on my face when the credits started their upward crawl.

In case you never made it to the couch in time to catch the plot of the story here's the quick and dirty. A virus devastated Earth 400 years ago, leaving only one walled-in city, Bregna, in its wake. The city is run by scientists responsible for creating the solution to the virus. Theron stars as Aeon Flux, a top operative for the secret Monican rebellion. Her leader and boss "The Handler," played by an awkward Francis McDormand, communicates her assignments via brain waves and directs Aeon to wipe out a government higher-up, leading to the uncovering of many mysterious secrets.

From what I did see of the animated series it would seem somewhat nonsense to try and turn the show into live-action verbatim. It just feels like they could've made it a lot better. The action scenes were pretty cool with the scene from the preview with Aeon jumping from planter to planter, avoiding the razor sharp grass blades kicking some serious tail. The one, and major, problem with these scenes however were the fight sequences. The fighting mixed with the cheesy and tacky looking set design instantly recalled scenes of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers into my mind, keeping them there until the end.

The only thing that really kept me super-interested throughout the entirety of the flick was the background plot and the idea of living in such a world with such crazy technology. Theron's hands-for-feet friend Sithandra was one of the sweeter touches to the flick, along with the costume design and moderately rockin' soundtrack.

All and all, Theron did a descent job with her flux portrayal, the writers did a good job with the story line and the director needs a little more work with his art and fight sequence direction. The original series would have been better off left alone and the looming threat of a sequel would be best dropped in the bucket.

2 out of 5 rams

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