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Dec 012005
Authors: Meg Burd

In planning for the future, Dave Curtis of the Fort Collins-based band, Vices I Admire, said the group plans to skip the usual rise-to-fame rigors of musicianship and jump right into the Made-For-VH1 "Behind the Music" style self-destruction.

"We'll just go straight to the troubles," Curtis laughs. Of course, he suggests, a death-bed recanting will prove the final touch for their "Behind the Music" episode.

All joking aside, with a new CD release and a major release show at the Starlight Theater on Saturday (not to mention a crowd of loyal fans), the highly entertaining and energetic band is poised to achieve true rock success.

Likened to everything from Pearl Jam to Korn, Vices I Admire take the stage in a musically and visually rocking way, creating a frenzied energy that inspires audiences to jump, thrash and rock along with them.

"We're Rocky McRock," laughs Curtis of the band's lively style.

The band, formerly known as Plan B., recently changed the name in order to avoid any future legal battles. "There are just a ton of other Plan B.'s out there," Curtis sighed. "Rather than having to battle them all, we chose a new name."

Even with a new moniker, however, Curtis said not much has changed in the band's sound: "We're still the same rock, just by a different name."

Formed in 2002, the band spent plenty of time rocking out audiences in the Colorado area, as well as embarked upon a weeklong tour in the summer of 2004. The event, according to their Web site, was filled with activities such as earning fans, sharing a sandwich with a homeless man and breaking the clutch on their van.

For their first official release, the band decided to hit the well-known Blasting Room, a local studio that has catered to recognized national music acts such as Rise Against, Less Than Jake and the Ataris.

"They took care of us," said Curtis of the folks at the Blasting Room. "We think we got a pretty good sound on this CD."

With songs such as "Poor Boy," "Monster" and "Skin," Curtis said he hopes listeners will both enjoy and connect to the lyrics in the songs.

"We try to get across the emotion, especially in the lyrics," Curtis said.

Graduating from CSU in December with an English degree (after spending years enjoying school and finding creative ways to spend his financial aid, he reports), Curtis's lyrics energetically speak to both his personal experiences as well as more universal situations likely shared by many fellow college-aged students.

"For me, personally, as a singer these songs mean something to me. There's a lot of life in the lyrics – a lot of me in there," Curtis notes.

The band kicks off their release party at the Starlight on Saturday playing with local band Until We Wake and Denver favorites Synaptic Collapse.

"It's great music and really complementary to us," said Curtis of the band's joining Vices I Admire on the stage.

Anyone interested in rocking, or perhaps catching a stellar local band before their hoped-for crash-burn-and-repent cycle to be seen on "Behind the Music" in the future, should join the band for a rocking and energetic good time at the Starlight on Saturday.

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