Dec 012005
Authors: Jake Blumberg

10. Every other major sport – college and professional – has a playoff to determine its champion.

9. The game should take more time to play than reading its name (San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl)

8. Great games like USC vs. Notre Dame wouldn't have to be one-time events.

7. Unusual out-of-region match-ups of the nation's best; Ohio State vs. Texas was one of the year's best.

6. More chances to watch Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Vince Young before they move to Sundays.

5. More games on TV means less time we would have to watch the new made-for-TV movie, "Oprah is Taking Over the World"

4. Because going "bowling" should require something more than a mediocre season.

3. Instead of uneven match-ups like tomorrow's Texas vs. CU game, we could be watching competitive first round games.

2. Going undefeated in the regular season is impressive; going undefeated in the playoffs is legendary.

1. Champions should be determined by games, not computers.

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