To the Editor:

Nov 302005

My name is Dennis Neidert and I along with my wife, have locally owned and operated Subway sandwiches in Fort Collins with pride since 1985.

Steve Gross's article on Nov. 17 was so bizarre, so incredibly false and outrageous, that it hardly deserves the time or the effort to dispute. But as a responsible business owner, I am compelled to defend my hard working, dedicated staff and the Subway Brand.

The entire article was a horrible, despicable attack on my company, and it was completely obvious even to the most causal reader that this guy has a really bizarre axe to grind. Never the less, I have an obligation to respond to a few of the accusations, because the students and citizens of Fort Collins need facts, not the ramblings of some disgruntled idiot.

Over the past two decades, the Subway sandwich shops in Ft. Collins, have consistently received some of the highest health department records in the food industry.

In addition, every month, each store is visited and evaluated by a qualified and trained representative from the regional offices of Subway. Ten years ago the North American Subway Franchisees developed a " Gold Standard" for all food products, which far exceeds industry standards.

In the Subway restaurants I own, my staff is well trained in all aspects of cleanliness and serve only the freshest of product. Stephen Gross failed to mention he was once under my employment, but was unable to maintain the standards we demand.

Is this guy really a finance major – a senior at that? What does he mean when he states our meal deals are $6 to $8? What about the $2.49 daily deal? Add chips and a drink for an additional $1.80 equals $4.29. Do the math, Stephen, or rethink your career goals. If my customers are paying $6 to $8 for a meal deal, maybe one of my former employees not only was ripping me off, but my customers too!

To publicly denounce and slander my hard working employees is completely unacceptable and uncalled for. To publish an article by a former disgruntled employee in your newspaper is in very bad taste.

Dennis & Gayle Neidert

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