Nov 302005
Authors: James Baetke

A man allegedly threatening to commit suicide and harm another barricaded himself and his wife in their home Wednesday, prompting police to keep neighbors in their home and calling on a SWAT team.

Brian Post, 28, surrendered without incident on 300 block of Locust Street at 1:12 p.m. Nearby residents said Post left his home calmly in handcuffs.

Ryan Hawkins, a senior civil engineering major, said a mobile command center was parked in front of his home at the intersection of Locust and Mathews streets.

"Eventually a cop using our restroom told us a man was barricading himself and threatening his wife," Hawkins said.

Elloy Lopez, another neighbor, was instructed by police to stay in his home and not to come out.

"All I heard was a loud boom and before you know it the SWAT team shoots a canister of tear gas into the house," Lopez said.

Jane Stewart lives across the street from where Post was barricading himself. She was arriving home from work when police told her she could not go in.

"They weren't going to let me in," Stewart said. "Police were everywhere and there was a lot of commotion."

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