Nov 302005

In Deuteronomy 22:11, we're told not to wear clothing containing wool and linen. In 1 Timothy 2:12, we're told women should not be permitted to teach or have authority over a man. These are only two among dozens of Biblical verses that are not applicable today and are not practiced by mainstream Christianity. Why shouldn't the Bible's stance on homosexuality be among them? Where in any of the four Gospels does Jesus himself mention homosexuality? Where in the Gospels does Jesus preach anything other than acceptance and love? Also, Mr. Wittman's claim that there are "legions of former homosexuals who have escaped the lifestyle with the help of therapy or spiritual guidance" isn't true. Ex-gay ministries and reparative therapy are proven ineffective and been denounced by the American Psychiatric Association, the American Medical Association, the Interfaith Alliance Foundation and a dozen others, all clearly stating homosexuality cannot be "cured." In fact, Michael Bussey and Gary Cooper, co-founders of an ex-gay ministry called Exodus International, fell in love with each other and renounced their own organization. Homosexuality cannot be compared to a disease or mental defect, because it isn't one. The only defect is our society's need to exclude others, even through what we may consider to be "sincere, caring judgment." Judgment is judgment. You cast the first stone, Mr. Wittman. I guess I've just cast the second by judging you. It seems sad that in 2,000 years we still haven't learned our lesson.

Amanda Yanik


English major

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