Nov 302005
Authors: Amy Robinson

The tentative due date for applications and nominations are March 1, 2006. For more information or to pick up an application, contact the SLCE office at (970) 491-1682 or stop by room 176 in the Lory Student Center.

The LeaderShape program seeks to examine the characteristics that truly define a leader.

"Leadership involves living in a state of possibility, making a commitment to a vision, developing relationships to move the vision into action and sustaining a high level of integrity," according to the LeaderShape Web site.

Students can be nominated through a variety of organizations such as the Associated Students of CSU and advocacy offices, but involvement is not limited to nominations. Interested students can also apply by picking up information in the Student Leadership and Civic Engagement office, said Christie Hofmockel, LeaderShape onsite coordinator.

"We look more for people who are going to continue at CSU," Hofmockel said.

The LeaderShape program began in 1986 and was originally developed by the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity to improve campus leadership.

Since then the LeaderShape program experienced worldwide growth. More than 20,000 people from various academic institutions and corporations have participated in this annual event, according to the LeaderShape Web site.

The six-day event promotes self-discovery and the practical application of skills gained from leadership activities. LeaderShape takes place in a supportive, interactive community with peers and faculty who act as role models and coaches.

Activities include participants creating a leadership profile to help uncover their leadership style along with games like "Star Power," which emphasizes leadership in the community, Hofmockel said.

Students participating in the program have the opportunity to work on an in-depth project with the main goal of helping students realize they can make a difference.

Last summer, senior animal science major Lannea Russell participated in LeaderShape.

"LeaderShape brings ethics to the forefront," Russell said.

She added that it helps people learn how to lead responsibly and how to serve those they lead.

While at LeaderShape, Russell participated in a variety of activities. She took personality tests, worked with other team members and developed short-term and long-term goals. She learned to make her visions a reality.

Russell said the program helped her make connections around campus.

She currently works as a Corbett Hall program assistant. During the past couple of months, Russell has been an active member of her community. Along with other hall residents and resident assistants, Russell participated in "Trash for Cash" to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina, raising more than $8,000.

Russell also volunteered for Cans Around the Oval. More food was gathered this year than in previous years.

"It was amazing to see the people in the community gather and work together to accomplish something bigger as a whole group," Russell said.

Another student, junior liberal arts major Hadeis Safi participated in LeaderShape.

"It was really eye-opening and connective," Safi said. "We learned about things we could do to achieve our goals."

Along with Russell and Safi, senior liberal arts major Ross Curington participated in LeaderShape. Curington attended a series of workshops and learned to work in groups more effectively.

"LeaderShape has helped me to plan my vision and goals for after graduation," Curington said.

Students are not the only people on campus participating in LeaderShape. Women's Studies professor Chris Linder is a family cluster facilitator for CSU's chapter of the program. Linder first participated in LeaderShape 11 years ago as an undergraduate. She currently oversees student discussion groups. Linder said these groups help students develop their communication skills and build relationships that continue long after the program ends.

"LeaderShape is an incredible experience for students and facilitators," Linder said. "Some of the most rewarding experiences people gain from LeaderShape are the relationships they develop."



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