Nov 302005
Authors: Dominic Graziano

Known for their energetic live shows, 12 Cents for Marvin have a stage presence few other bands can match.

This weekend, The Starlight will host a CD release party that promises to rock the faces off of anyone there. The $10 ticket price comes with a free copy of the newest 12 Cents release "Change."

The album starts off solid with "Shouting in the Dark," a fast paced ska song with a pop-laced chorus. Next up is a cover of the Kink's classic "Lola." Redone with a reggae beat, this cover puts a new spin on a classic everyone can sing along with.

"Stuck on you" has a country music-inspired chorus and drum beat, but the horns and guitar parts really drive the song all the way through.

After "Stuck on you" comes a couple of reggae influenced tracks. "Tragedy" and "Karma" have the slow beats that 12 Cents has perfected in their nine years together.

The second half of the album has some instrumental tracks that portray the sheer talent of the entire band. "Persian Dub" and "Dub in the Fridge" have inspired horn and guitar solos. The track "James Bond Theme" is another great instrumental that puts a ska twist on the theme song featured in James Bond movies.

"Common Bond" and "One Step Higher" both pick up the pace and leave ska fans wanting more. "Aurora," a song about that wonderful city by Denver International Airport, features a chorus so catchy, even the most introverted of ska friends will be singing along.

If you can't decide if you like ska or reggae more, you are in luck. 12 Cents have done two versions of their song "The Cure."

As a whole, "Change" has 20 eclectic tracks for everyone to enjoy. Whether you like fast-paced ska songs or something with a heavier reggae beat, 12 Cents for Marvin has put together something for you.


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