Nov 302005
Authors: Lee Newville

The Associate Students of CSU continued their debate Wednesday night concerning a reward system for frequent volunteers of the RamRide program with prioritized "thank you rides."

In an effort to increase the number of drivers in the RamRide program, ASCSU drafted a bill that would show appreciation for their volunteers. The program would allow patrons with thank you codes to access a priority ride, bumping back patrons already waiting.

Proponents of the plan hope the average wait limit for rides will eventually decrease due to an increase in the volunteer base as a consequence of the incentive.

President Courtney Healey previously bequeathed the Senate to discuss the controversial issue with their college counsels, and ordered senators to report the feedback from their constituents.

The president devoted Wednesday to deciphering "whether or not students in your college counsels thought it was a good idea or not a good idea."

The representative samples of students had varying responses to the proposition, falling along a spectrum ranging from enthusiasm to apathy and resistance.

"Universally, there was opposition to the idea," said liberal arts senator Mark Settle. "There were a lot of questions that we didn't think we could answer; a lot that frankly, I agree with."

Speaker pro temp Brett Gulick met a more passive response. He found students did not find the incentive great enough to encourage students to volunteer or to volunteer more frequently.

"They were kind of indifferent about it," he said. "Most of them said, no, they still wouldn't volunteer."

Although hampered by a limited audience, liberal arts senator Daniel Palmer concluded, "It's really not in the best interests of students to have priority rides. I've been pretty well convinced that it's not the best for the program. The few people I've talked to don't think that will increase the participation greatly."

The Senate also heard from applicants interested in the parliamentarian position, which requires expertise in ASCSU parliamentary rules and procedures. The three candidates withstood a question-and-answer interview session by the Senate. Debate in upcoming meetings will determine to whom the position is assigned.

Also, the bill for reevaluating the spending limits of presidential and vice presidential candidates for ASCSU was suspended indefinitely and will not withstand further debate. The spending limit will stay at $2,000 instead of being reduced to $1,000.

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