Nov 292005
Authors: Sarah Mast

Anyone interested in learning more about "The Song of Hannah" can attend a discussion led by Etzioni-Halevy today at noon in the LSC rooms 220-222.

Sexuality and sensuality are not common words associated with the Bible.

Hillel worked alongside the Women's Giving Circle of the Allied Jewish Federation of Colorado to increase education and inspiration of women's issues through a discussion held Tuesday night in the Lory Student Center.

Eva Etzioni-Halevy , professor emeritus of political sociology at Israel's Bar Ilan University and author of the novel "The Song of Hannah," spoke about the issues of sexuality, sensuality and feminism in the Bible.

"Because sexuality is often overlooked in the Bible, we thought it would be interesting to have Eva come speak because her book is more of a feminist perspective of the Bible," said Amanda Mervine, a Women's Giving Circle intern.

When a man accused Etzioni-Halevy of writing a sensual book relating to the characters of the Bible, it prompted her to look further into the sacred book to reveal how modern society covers up sensuality in the text.

"The Bible is a racy book. The stories have many voices," Etzioni-Halevy said. "You can interpret them in many ways."

She said she wrote "The Song of Hannah" with the hope to appeal to a wide variety of interests.

"My novel is a book of entertainment. It has a plot with many twists in it. I set out to make a book of revenge, which turns into a story of anxiety," Etzioni-Halevy said during her presentation.

Etzioni-Halvey decided to write the book after searching for strong religious views of her own. She wanted to write more about the sensual side to the Bible.

"The Bible is a bestseller because it is beautiful in a literary sense. When I wrote my book I feel I was faithful to the original Bible," she said. "My book can bring the Bible closer to people's hearts."

During her discussion Etzioni-Halvey stated that in recent Judaism, it has become a woman's right to have sexual relations.

The event gained the interest of both men and women, young and old.

"I heard about this event through 'Student FYI,' and I thought it was an interesting topic that would complement what I am learning in my classes," said Beth Porter, sophomore speech communications major.

Porter said she was interested in hearing Etzioni-Halevy discuss feminism in the Bible because she feels she has a lot of information to offer from first-hand experience.

"She's another woman who has been silenced," Porter said.





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