Nov 292005

I am pleased that you do not express hatred toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. As you stated in your article, there are people who do not have such social courtesy. I also agree that the matter of homosexuality is indeed "so much more than opinion," but this is not why your article disturbs me.

What bothers me is that you feel justified in condemning the lives of millions of people, while at the same time pitying the members of the GLBT community in a loving and caring way because they are "sick" and "confused." Mr. Wittman, biblical citations and a few off-hand remarks about the "born that way" theory do not deductively prove that homosexuality is a sin.

A remark about the Bible – Christ also says you must hate your mother, father, sister and brother. Do you follow this gospel word for word? Furthermore, I think there is a good editorial in which you could condemn people for wearing clothing made of polyester and cotton – my point is that the Bible condemns many things, and yet you accept many societal practices that are forbidden in scripture.

Now, do not assume I am advocating relativism. Not all points of view are equally valuable; I agree with you. Because I am not a relativist, I fail to see the value in many parts of your article. For example, your perspective does not explain why a heterosexual lifestyle is more natural than a homosexual lifestyle is more natural than driving a car, etc. If you intend to disprove the "born that way" theory, or any biological or genetic theory of homosexuality, then you ought to be more careful in how you use the word natural.

Greg Douras



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