Nov 292005

I'm appalled and disgusted with your article, "Where's the sub love?" I don't know what Subway you visited, but your description of the employees and the freshness of the food is not only a misrepresentation but flat our wrong. Mr. Gross, have you worked at a Subway? Apparently not. If you had, you would know we bake fresh bread every day and throw away leftovers. In fact, if you came into the Subway on Elizabeth and Shields streets, you would probably see me baking fresh bread at 4:30 p.m.! How dare you generalize the employees saying our food was "made two weeks ago by a high school student named Nate, who hasn't showered in weeks and has more diseases than third-world monkeys." You are ignorant concerning how my Subway runs, so check your facts before rambling and whining about something you are misinformed about.

I also wanted to ask you why the hell you would go to Subway and endure the "gut-wrenching stench" if you are going to whine about it? Do you think Subway would be around if your article was accurate? No. The health department would probably do something about it.

I think it's great you are exercising your freedom of speech, but maybe you should be smart and check your facts before you run your mouth.

Cianna Crosslin


Political science

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