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Nov 282005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Marilyn Musgrave is calling in the big gun – President George W. Bush – for help on her re-election campaign, but we don't think it will help. Her constituents aren't happy with her and for good reason.

A recent survey found Musgrave is among the least popular Republican members of Congress.

She is extremely conservative, and appears to favor big businesses and political action groups over what is best for those in her district. On a more local level, Musgrave has also made it clear to the Collegian that she does not intend on communicating with this newspaper or its readers.

Musgrave's stance seems to be that her constituents, including members of the CSU community, don't matter as much as her cronies in the Republican Party. She is a denizen of Washington, D.C., now, and doesn't look back.

Has she done anything to benefit her district? Yes. But it hasn't been enough and it certainly hasn't all been representative of her constituents' wants or needs.

That's why she's not popular, and that's why President Bush's appearance with her at the Brown Palace hotel in Denver today won't be of much help. The party-organized stunt is a cheap publicity trick that we hope won't influence the intelligent voters of this district.

Angie Paccione, a Democrat and a CSU instructor, is set to run against Musgrave. We believe Paccione would prove to be a welcome change to the entrenched, apparently resentful bureaucrat who has been wasting a perfectly good office for years.

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