Nov 272005
Authors: Stacey Zynen

It took two hours and 15 minutes to put an end to the Anteaters Saturday night at Moby. Both teams suffered through a tightly officiated game that saw 55 personal fouls, 21 on the Rams, by the end.

After a win against Concordia and a tough loss to South Dakota last week, the CSU women's basketball team came together in a victory over the UC Irvine Anteaters Saturday night in a 85-65 final score.

Head coach Jen Warden couldn't take the smile off of her face.

"Our team is ready to move forward after our loss to South Dakota. This game presented us with opportunities to branch out both offensively and defensively and I was very pleased to see the girls regain momentum," she said.

The Rams were sent to the free throw line 44 times through the game, where they shot 75 percent.

"We knew Irvine put their opponents on the free throw line a lot, so the number of times we were there was no surprise," Warden said.

Several of the nonstarters were able to come off the bench and get some playing time, which was highly encouraged by both the coach and the players.

Junior center Marilyn Moulton scored a career high of 15 points and shot 11-for-14 from the free throw line. Point guard Liz Kramer also ended the game with a career-high 15 points.

"Marilyn and Liz both came in and made a huge contribution tonight. We are clearly a work in progress. This is one huge lab experiment," Warden said.


Game starters Lindsay Thomas and Sara Hunter both contributed 10 points to the final score. They were two of three players who were not sent to the free throw line, but felt that the foul calls slowed the game down.

"It's hard to get into rhythm when there's constant stopping in the game," Thomas said.

Senior forward Melissa Dennett led the team in scoring with 18 points while grabbing 11 rebounds. This is the second consecutive game both Dennett and Thomas have scored double-doubles.

"We are turning into a team with depth. Our bench is better in practice and we will continue to work hard," Dennett said.

Coach Warden had the Rams play in man-to-man defense for the majority of the game but eventually switched to a zone defense in the last minutes of the second half, something the girls have been working on.

"I wasn't planning on using the zone tonight but it could be a tremendous defense for us. It's not an easy defense to play but the girls really stepped up and did well," Warden said.

The Rams will use this past week as further preparation for their game against Colorado Wednesday. The game will start at 7 p.m. in Moby Arena.

"It's going to be hard," Thomas said. "But we're ready."


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