Break the chains of mail

Nov 272005

Watch out, it's starting. Chain mail began as an isolated nuisance; you check your e-mail for the daily news or perhaps a message from an old friend. You try to avoid spam from people you don't know, but the maximum email protection can't protect against spam from your friends.

That's right; I am talking to everyone who sends chain mail. It used to just be in your inbox, you could take a look at it, see it was junk, and delete it, perhaps berating your friend later. Then it started appearing on dollar bills, someone taking the time to write a chain mail on individual Ones. Then things like Myspace came into play, people started posting chain bulletins. And let's not forget the danger of these chain mails, if you don't pass it on then you could have a horrible day tomorrow, not have sex for years or perhaps even die.

This probably isn't new to you, but over the past week something has started happening that scares me: chain text messages. This is a special note to Melissa: If I don't respond it doesn't mean that I'm not your friend, I just refuse to help what could very well become a new trend. I don't care if it is national best friend's day. And if you don't subscribe to a text message package then that little waste of time cost you $.10 as well. Take heed my friends, this isn't going away.

Graham Button


International studies major

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