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Nov 172005

It doesn't seem strange to me that Daniel Schneider (who is in the health and exercise science program) would continue to perpetuate the myth that, "This does not alter the fact that if you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight." After all he will be directly profiting from the gazillion dollar a year yo-yo dieting and exercise business.

Read the research. Putting a child on a diet actually can slow down the metabolism making it even more difficult to lose weight in the future. He is right when he says the past generations didn't have an obesity problem.

Again read the research.

Theory – 88,000 chemicals on the market that have never been tested as to how they affect the endocrine system. Research is just now suspecting that a lot of them have the ability to disrupt this system.

Theory – that artificial sweeteners may damage the part of the brain that regulates hunger. The unrealistic and unhealthy images the media presents to all of us causing young children to go on diets when dieting is not needed.

The actual factual research that shows a person who is yo-yo dieting has more health issues than an overweight active person or an underweight person. Or let's talk about those size 0 people – the damage they are doing to themselves to maintain this weight is hardly ever talked about.

Let's talk about the eating disorders that have caused countless deaths.

Or how about recent newspaper articles that have stated that the health affects from obesity had been vastly overstated. Again who profits from this? Or that the weight standards are written by people who directly profit from the weight loss industry.

These are not excuses, as one who knows first hand – they are facts and theories supported by research. There is a problem – it's just not a problem the exercise and weight loss industry wants to fix. Read the research and the next time you want to trot out your old and tired "burn more calories myth" ask yourself this – do you really want to cure obesity? After all you would then be out of a job.

Conni Succo

Library tech

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