The Whammy Awards

Nov 172005
Authors: Trevor Edy

Every year at the end of the season the Ram coaches get together and give out team awards. We asked the offensive line who they thought should get honors:

Offensive MVP: 1st place-Dave Anderson, 2nd place-Kyle Bell

Defensive MVP: 1st place-Miles Kochevar, 2nd place-Jesse-Nading

Freshman of the year: 1st place-Klint Kubiak, 2nd place-Jeff Horinek

Most Underrated Player: Tie, Jesse Nading and Blake Smith

Special Teams MVP: Jimmie Kaylor

Most Improved Player: Darryl Williams

Best Prankster: Albert Bimper

Most Intense: Mike Briesel

Player most likely to make it in the NFL: David Anderson

Player you would most like your younger sister to date: 1st place-None of those (two- word expletive)! 2nd place-Richie Plunkett

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